Peter Bugno is a founder and the President of Building-Box Inspections Inc. The company developed from a renovation contracting company that was established in 1997.


Peter has a degree in civil engineering and twenty four years of professional experience in industry, commercial and residential construction. As a civil engineer, a site and a project manager, he was always involved in inspections of structures, building utility systems, assessing of workmanship and quality of applied materials.


Through all these years Peter possessed the ability to see potential problems before they really appeared. This exceptional skill can be achieved only when long construction experience is combined with a big variety of construction disciplines applied throughout a carrier.


As a member of Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, Peter is continuously studying new inspection methods, updating and changes of codes and other regulations in construction and related industries.

Now, by Building-Box Inspections he wants to give all clients the best possible service and real knowledge of any building, before a “decision is made”.

Ursula Bugno is the General Administrator and Chief Accountant of the business. With the master degree in construction/Civil Engineering, she is also control the technical and essential aspects of inspection reports provided to variety of clients and institutions. Ursula would kindly explain any part of reported issues and find out reliable contractor for recommended repairs and improvements.